1. Very nice website. However, by many reports, Constanza was not an admirable woman by any measure. She was a pathological liar even in her last years when the Novellos paid her a visit, repeating the winter storm story and the big fabrication she threw herself on her husband's deathbed and can we ignore her extramarital behavior in Baden? She, like her mother, was low classed and often hateful. Also, can we forget her behavior regarding the funeral?

    1. You are quite correct. I think she also told the Novellos she was too seriously ill to attend her husband's funeral. In later years, however and in the year of her death, she stated she "did" attend his funeral.

  2. Interesting note, that Mozart's wasted time with a misguided tribute to Ben Franklins "Glass Armonica". Like that really needed to be done.
    Just how greater the pity was that Mozart never gave a thought to compose anything for the traditional 'aerophone' (bagpipes)
    Imagine! If he knocked off even one ditty, he could really have become "a somebody" on the musical scene


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