Monday, April 11, 2011

What Mozart Really Looked Like?

You may have seen the video I posted a while back about Mozart's alleged death mask. Since I am 99% convinced that it is his, I painted a portrait based on this mask. I found that the face resembles the portrait of Mozart painted by his brother-in-law Joseph Lange, the portrait that Mozart's wife Constanze said looked the most like him. While I am an amateur painter, I think one can get the basic idea. What do you think?......

(There's nothing wrong with your computer...that's a watermark over his face :))

The picture of the mask that I referred to hundreds of times while painting.

The Lange portrait.
While Mozart's hair appears brown in this painting, he actually had blond hair. Some artists think that Lange painted the hair brown because he was in a darker room.


  1. Did you really paint that?! God has given you an incredible gift!

  2. lol, you painted him well for an amateur, but he was one ugly man

  3. Nice painting.

  4. That is one of the best paintings I've seen and you you say you are a amutuer

  5. I am blonde also and yes mozart was in fact blonde! that was an injustice by the way ..Lange portraying him as Brown haired ! you did a fine job in accurately depicting the genius of music . his clone is about 8 years old now , taking his dna from his skull to a lab was done in Hamburg germany. what is very wierd is that clone has also produced piano sonatas at an early age , some of them nearly identical to the ones Wolfgang wrote over 200 years ago !! without seeing the pieces , it's amazing to many in the scientific community how life and talents can be so astonishingly replicated . there was a publication. in a german biology journal two years ago , I will try to repost it on here. again great job in the painting of a truly awesome in history!


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