Monday, February 3, 2014

Opera at the Superbowl

        This year, the National Anthem at the Superbowl was sung a little differently than we are used to...opera soprano Renée Fleming was chosen to sing. Some however did not think her voice was suited for this song (unlike Christina Aguilera...?). Or perhaps they just don't like opera, in which case they are the only ones missing out!
        I think the National Anthem should not be turned into a performance, but rather it should be a deep expression of patriotism. While on the one hand I think it could have been sung a little more plainly, without the quirky, unnecessary ritardo and accelerando, I also think Ms. Fleming did a splendid job in singing the Anthem, giving it her respect and talent without being showy. (Which is more than can be said of many a celebrity who has been given this same honor...)
        There is a well-written article on the performance that you can read here.
        What did you think?


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