Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mozart's Portrait

     Last week for English, I was given an assignment to describe the face of someone in great detail. As soon as I heard what my assignment would be, I knew exactly whose face I would describe! Here is what I wrote...I think my professor liked it too! (I'm not sure if she knows yet exactly how obsessed I am with Mozart...)
     Mozart's face was nearly as enchanting as his music. It was long and oval; pale in complexion and nicked with poxmarks. His long, pointed nose cast shadows on one side of his face and above his upper lip. It dented in slightly at the top where it met his forehead, then came back out to form two gentle, golden-brown eyebrows that defined the emotion in his giant, almond-shaped, ocean blue eyes which gave off a look of mystery and passion. His tiny mouth was accented by salmon-pink lips; the bottom lip jutted out making a crease just above his chin, while his upper lip curved slightly to form a subtle smile just as mysterious as his eyes. His mess of fine blond hair was covered by a coarse, grey powdered wig, which was pulled into the back by a large, black bow.
(I looked at the Croce portrait while I wrote!)


  1. That is beautifully written! It comes from and goes right to the heart.

  2. Bravo! I think your English teacher should give you extra credit for the wonderful work you put into your blog!


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