Thursday, August 4, 2011

Mozart's Wedding Day

Wolfgang and Constanze were married on
August 4, 1782 in Vienna, at Saint Stephen's Cathedral.
Wolfgang and Constanze's marriage certificate.

Saint Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna.

The inside of Saint Stephen's Cathedral. 

They had a very happy marriage together. Wolfgang's letters to Constanze -- written either while he was out pursuing work, or while she was at the spa in Baden -- remain tender, loving, and even a bit silly up until the last one.

For instance, on April 13, 1789 while he was in Dresden, Wolfgang wrote a letter to Constanze and told her of all the silly things he would do with her little portrait while he was away from her:
If I were to tell you all the things that I do with your portrait, you would laugh heartily. For instance when I take it out of its prison house I say "God bless you, Stanzerl! God bless you, you little rascal, -- Krallerballer -- Sharpnose -- little Bagatelle!" And when I put it back I let it slip down slowly and gradually and say "Nu, -- Nu, -- Nu, -- Nu;" but with the emphasis which this highly significant word demands, and at the last, quickly: "Good-night, little Mouse, sleep well!" Now, I suppose, I have written down a lot of nonsense (at least so the world would think); but for us, who love each other so tenderly, it isn't altogether silly.
Then, on July 7, 1791, just five months before his death, Wolfgang wrote to his wife who was at the spa in Baden:
You can not imagine how slowly time goes when you are not with me! I can't describe the feeling; there is a sort of sense of emptiness, which hurts -- a certain longing which can not be satisfied, and hence never ends, but grows day by day. When I remember how childishly merry we were in Baden, and what mournful, tedious hours I pass here, my work gives me no pleasure, because it is not possible as was my wont, to chat a few words with you when stopping for a moment. If I go to the Clavier and sing something from the opera [Die Zauberflöte] I must stop at once because of my emotions. -- Basta!
No doubt, August 4, 1782 remained one of the happiest memories in Wolfgang and Constanze's lives.


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  3. I am obsessing with Mozart at the moment - and I'm writing a story based on his life with Constanze, but with a modern twist. This blog is very helpful - thankyou very much for sharing

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