Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mozart's Requiem

         When Mozart's Requiem in D Minor, K. 626, was commissioned by a mysterious visitor (a messenger of Count Walsegg, who wanted to pass the composition off as his own), Mozart felt that the messenger was from heaven, telling him that his time was coming. He had been sick for a few months, and wasn't getting any better (he had a suspicion that a composer rival had poisoned him). He had a great fear of death. He wasn't in a good financial position, which worried him even more since he had a wife and two sons. 
         The Requiem in D Minor is probably Mozart's most incredible work. Unfortunately, a large portion of it was unfinished when he died. His pupil Franz Xaver Süßmayr finished the work after Mozart passed away.
         The story of the Requiem inspired me to write a little piece of poetry based on Mozart's point of  view while he is writing his last piece of music. I never write poetry, and this therefore doesn't follow any sort of writing rules. I just wrote what came to me and I hope you like it!

What is this pain inside
Which fills this joyful heart with sorrow,
Which counts every heartbeat as if it were the last,
And fills my every day with terror?
Each note I inscribe sings of my approaching doom,
The fate every man is sentenced to --
Rich and poor, good and dishonest alike.
My hand trembles as I begin each new measure;
The work is no longer mine, but my fate singing through me.
Why me? -- A man so young
And with multiple mouths to feed --
Why is this the man death searches for?
My beloved Creator would not call me so soon,
But jealous rivals made of flesh
Are anxious to be rid of me.
I feel the cruel, invisible weapon
Put in my goblet for an unsuspecting sip;
It creeps up my body and clutches on
With teeth like a venomous snake.
This mortal is lost in the battle for life;
His feeble body is no match for men's jealousy.
But listen!
My music rings out loud in the streets;
I am not dead, but alive!
I sing through ivory, ebony and wood,
Through brass horns and pipes of silver!
What man tried to be rid of,
Man brought back to life! 

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