Friday, May 6, 2011

Just not a good week, I guess...

Well, this week hasn't been going all that well for me. Nothing huge has happened, it's just that little things don't seem to be working out well. One of those things happens to be a YouTube video of mine -- one of my most recent and a featured video on this blog. My "What Mozart Really Looked Like?" video was blocked in pretty much every country on the map, due to copyright issues with the background piece. I ended up taking it off of YouTube myself so that I don't run into any further issues with it. Unfortunately, this was probably my most popular video. Oh, well! Just wanted to write what happened so no one gets confused on here.


  1. Oh, man! That's really sad. Can you put a different background piece in the video?

    By the way, I'm not having the best day either because I have to perform in a piano recital this afternoon. :(

  2. Yes, eventually I'll re-load the video with a different background piece. Maybe I'll change a couple of things too.


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