Thursday, March 24, 2011

Music In Their Eyes

Maybe I'm just weird (most likely the case)...
When I see paintings of all the different composers, I see music in their eyes. Not written-out notes or anything, but a certain glow of the gracious gift given to them by God.

Notice how the look in their eyes reflects the feel of their music. 
Mozart: A mysterious glow with a little of everything--sadness, joy; calmness and excitement. His eyes are full of these emotions, like his music.
J. S. Bach: A joyful look that a father gives his children. I have said before that I call Bach the "Father of Music", and his eyes almost earn him the title. His eyes are full of knowledge, just like his incredible music.
Beethoven: A look of anger and also of deep contemplation. Just like that look, his music is full of strong emotion and feeling--mostly anger!

What do you see when you look into their eyes?

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