Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mozart's Death Mask: Is It Real?

Please comment on whether you think the mask is Mozart's or not...comment either on this blog or on YouTube...or on both!


  1. I am no scientist, but next to all of his pictures I must say that it is VERY possible. This blog is great!

  2. What a beautifully done video!
    I just love listening to Mozart's music too.
    As to whether or not the mask is Mozart's, it surely looks as though it is. Regardless, Mozart was a GREAT musician!

  3. It looks right to me. I tried painting flesh tones over it -- and it looks very convincing -- definitely in relation to the family portrait with Nannerl and Mozart at the the piano and the portrait of their mother on the wall -- same nose and very distinctive mouth. It would be wonderful to really look into the face of this extraordinary artist.

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  5. W. A. Mozart has been an inspiration to me my whole life. It is a shame his house (apt) was blown apart by bombings during the war and that he ended up in a paupers grave. The greatest book on him was "the last year of Mozart." letters and journals from him, his wife and colleagues. When I look at that death mask it presents an eerie presence of W. A. Mozart as if I were looking and interacting with him. Unfortunately, from what Constance had written on his death, he was swollen from infection and did not look like himself. A death mask was something of a pricy thing to have done. His father was already dead and Mozart was broke. As much as I would love to think it was him there is too much circumstances surrounding the death to be sure. 'However, Thank you for showing a great piece of bringing back the life of a truly gifted, good and brilliant man.

  6. I believe this is very similar to Mozart however the arch of the brow is much lower than all the portraits and the end of his nose curled down more. As well as his lips appeared more defined in the mask as well.

    That is just my opinion and Mozart could of just had a different expression when the paintings were done as he did when the death make was constructed.


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